Lip Obsession

For the most part, I have been pretty open about my obsession with full lips. Aside from it being the newest beauty trend, I have always thought that voluptuous lips are beautiful. They represent youth and health, and they are downright sexy. Its also no secret that I myself, have thin granny lips, and I’m not proud of it.

I have taken every measure possible to plump my pout. Some quite painful, and others just didn’t budge my volume. The most drastic change was from an injection (Belotero) at a local medi-spa, and it seemed to work beautifully…for about a month. Would I take such a drastic measure again? Probably. It was a little painful, very little recovery time from swelling, but next time I would certainly try another brand of filler. I liked that no one really noticed, because it was very natural looking. Yet, I didn’t feel like it was worth the expense. I expected it to last much longer than it did. I should also mention that everyone’s body processes fillers at a different rate, some lasts longer than others due to how it metabolizes within your body. It is a very safe solution, made of hyaluronic acid and numbing solution. It feels very soft and natural. This is not the ideal filler if you are looking to achieve the duck face! That’s a good thing though.

Looking a little haggard here after the injections. Little redness, no bruising, and a little swollen.
Looking haggard here after the injections. Little redness, no bruising, and a little swollen.

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When Bad Acne Happens to Good People.

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We all know about the breakouts and acne that come at puberty, but why didn’t anyone mention that this could linger into adulthood? Adult acne is one of the main concerns of the many clients that I see who are looking for help with their skin. It can be very difficult to treat and a life-long battle for some people. Some breakouts result in pigmentation and scarring as well, which can really knock your self esteem down. As if pimples themselves aren’t bad enough, right?

If you are struggling with acne and you still can’t seem to clear it up, here are some hard truths as to why it might not be going away. Be honest with yourself when reading this and see if there are any changes that you might need to make in not only your skincare routine, but your diet and lifestyle in general.

pageBreakYour pores are clogged:

Not treating acne at the root of the problem, aka clogged pores, can lead to infection in the skin and result in a pimple. If you get the clog out before it becomes inflamed, then you shouldn’t get a breakout. Clogged pores can happen anywhere on the body, and are caused by oil mixed with dead skin cells that form a plug in a hair follicle. The solution would be to have exfoliation and extractions performed by an esthetician on your skin. Do not try to do squeeze them out yourself! Exfoliate twice a week, and use a clay mask once a week. (click link for product details)

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