Best Foundation: glo-minerals Pressed Base

The first time that I ever used gloMinerals Pressed Base foundation was when I was 16 years old, and it’s a makeup product that has stayed in my bag throughout the years! It has surpassed the way any other foundation looks and feels on my skin. So, to do a spotlight on this awesome product is an obvious choice!

pressed base glominerals

This is coming from a girl who has worked with other mineral makeup lines, has tried it all, and knows the FACTS about why the gloMinerals foundation is so far beyond what the others can do. When I say facts, I am referring to the ones right there listed on the box, written in black and white. INGREDIENTS MATTER! There are a few common ingredients in some of the most well known mineral makeup lines that contain skin irritants such as bismuth and talc. The most common reactions to these cheap filler ingredients are itchiness and dry flaking skin. GloMinerals stays true to the top of the line ingredients, and DOES NOT contain these irritants or any perfumes. Instead their goal is to provide unsurpassed coverage that nourishes, corrects and protects skin.

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The Busy Life of a Beauty Blogger

thinkpositiveIt feels like I just blinked and five months went by! I can’t believe that it has really been that long since I sat down with my glass of wine and wrote for hours without stopping. I’ve truly missed it! I’m so thankful for my faithful followers and I hope I haven’t let you down by letting time slip from my hands. I’m ready to get back to my desk and get my blog back in full swing! So what has been keeping me away you ask? Oh you know, just winning at life and full filling dreams and stuff! So here’s whats been going on…

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Beauty for the Bride

So, you’re engaged! Now what?

There are a few MAJOR beauty insider secrets to being a glowing beauty on your big day! Or hey, maybe you just want to look this good all the time? Either way, I have some suggestions to feeling your best when that day comes…

bridal beauty



Lock down your health and fitness plan right away. If you don’t feel one hundred percent, then you certainly won’t look it either. What I’m saying is to start eating healthy, and figure out a whole foods diets within your caloric needs. The best foods for your skin are healthy fats, and those that contain lots of water and vitamins. See my other article on what foods are the best for you skin here. Also, have a good sweat session for at least 20 minutes a day! Sweating out toxins in your body is the best inner cleanse there is, forget about the fad diets! Tone it up with strength training to lose extra unwanted pounds. Find your comfortable weight and learn how to manage it throughout your engagement. Do NOT try radical diet and exercise programs, they are temporary solutions and will most likely make you look exhausted and HANGRY. (Not sure what hangry is? Look it up)

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My Favorite Organic Skin Care Line!

eminence photo

Have you ever heard that our skin absorbs 60 percent of what we put on it? It’s true! Our skin is our a largest permeable organ of the body, meaning that your body absorbs whatever you put on your skin, which is then flushed into the circulatory system. We assume that most skin care lines would be safe to use, but in fact many of them contain chemicals that are harmful to the body. We also assume that these chemicals have undergone testing, yet only 5 percent of 80,000 known chemicals have been tested for safety on the body. After all, the FDA does not regulate most cosmetics that are on the market, so be very careful when choosing your skin care brands!

You may be thinking now, “Well, what cosmetics are actually trustworthy?”. That’s a great question to ask, considering most beauty products market themselves in a way that is so believable. Even “All Natural” is misleading and usually not true. You have to be a “Certified Organic” line for that to be true! There are strict requirements to be a “certified organic” line, and they don’t mess around. The farming, the preserving, and the making of each product is kept under specific guidelines that the company has to follow. The details are really interesting, if you want to learn more about organic farming click here.

My favorite ORGANIC skin care line that I have ever used in my professional career in esthetics is Eminence Organics. It is a handmade organic line that farms all of their ingredients in Hungary. They are the most amazing GREEN company, I’m truly blown away how they create their products with sustainability near the top of their priorities.
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What is a Beauty Blender?

beauty blender I’ve really been wanting to try a Beauty Blender for the past few months, but I’m so in love with my actual brushes that I couldn’t find a good enough reason to purchase one for myself. Then by surprise, I received one in my Birchbox! For those of you who don’t know what Birchbox is, it’s a monthly subscription to a little goody box of skincare and makeup samples so that you can try the newest items in the beauty world. I’ve found so many new lotions, hair products, and other goodies that I would have never known about otherwise, and I think the $10 a month is definitely worth it.Read More