Hi! I’m Lindy. Smoke and Mirrors is my outlet to share my professional advice on everything beauty and wellness.

What is the secret behind tha magic of beauty? It’s very simple. If you take care of yourself from the inside out, you will SHINE. Im here to show you how to draw out your inner beauty, not cover up, or hide, or change anything. With a little help from the right skincare and makeup, you can enhance all of the lovely qualities about yourself that you already posess. Im here to help you find the best version of yourself. I want you to feel empowered and well connected with the wonderful world of beauty.

Why is this different than any other beauty blog? Well, honestly because I was tired of seeing blogs that show you how to pile on makeup to look like a contoured barbie doll, ones that only express their personal opinion on products, and ones that don’t cover most ages, gender, skin types. I want you to have access to practical, useful, and unbiased information. That means you too gentlemen!

So why do I care about all of this stuff? Thats easy. My amazing clients. I am a Licensed Esthetician from South Carolina and have worked in the industry for ten years. Along the way I have had some amazing training, worked with many product lines, and picked up A LOT of information about skincare, wellness, and makeup. Sometimes I feel like there is never enough time in one session to share what I know or answer all of the questions that my clients have, which is why I am creating this blog. This is where all of the unspoken beauty secrets lie! Let’s unveil the magic!

Thank you for visiting my blog! If you have any questions for me, are insterested in sponsoring, or just want to tell me that you are a product junkie too then tweet, comment, or email me at lindyhelms@gmail.com.


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