Lip Obsession

For the most part, I have been pretty open about my obsession with full lips. Aside from it being the newest beauty trend, I have always thought that voluptuous lips are beautiful. They represent youth and health, and they are downright sexy. Its also no secret that I myself, have thin granny lips, and I’m not proud of it.

I have taken every measure possible to plump my pout. Some quite painful, and others just didn’t budge my volume. The most drastic change was from an injection (Belotero) at a local medi-spa, and it seemed to work beautifully…for about a month. Would I take such a drastic measure again? Probably. It was a little painful, very little recovery time from swelling, but next time I would certainly try another brand of filler. I liked that no one really noticed, because it was very natural looking. Yet, I didn’t feel like it was worth the expense. I expected it to last much longer than it did. I should also mention that everyone’s body processes fillers at a different rate, some lasts longer than others due to how it metabolizes within your body. It is a very safe solution, made of hyaluronic acid and numbing solution. It feels very soft and natural. This is not the ideal filler if you are looking to achieve the duck face! That’s a good thing though.

Looking a little haggard here after the injections. Little redness, no bruising, and a little swollen.
Looking haggard here after the injections. Little redness, no bruising, and a little swollen.

It will be a while before I try that again, so in the meantime I have found the perfect fix for my thin lips! The best part is that the results are instant, and I can use it as much as I need throughout the day. I’m talking about GloMinerals Lip Plumper gloss. This lipgloss works better than any other plumper that I have tried. You can wear it alone or under another lip color for added volume, shine and dimension.

glo-Minerals lip plumper
It’s infused with spheres of Marine Collagen Atelocollgen. These spheres work to plump lips by trapping water and swelling, thus providing volume to the skin’s structures. I chose the gloss in clear, so that I can wear it with any lip color that I want.

glo minerals lip plumper

To achieve maximum pout:

  • Overline the lips outside of your natural lip line, in a shade that is slightly darker than your natural lip color. (GloMinerals Natural Lip Liner pencil)
  • Blend any harsh lines into an ombré, and highlight the center of your bottom and top lip.
  • Fill in your entire lips with the gloMinerals Lip Plumper and press lips together to blend.
  • In a few minutes you will feel a slight tingle, and your lips will look beautiful!

At a super affordable price, you can have your own tube of Lip Plumper. Click here for the link to purchase!



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