A Simple Guide for Layering Skin Care Products

how to layer your skin care products

If you have a cluttered bathroom counter full of skin care products, and you haven’t the slightest clue on how to use them, then you should follow my simple rule of thumb. The best way to remember the order to apply your skin care regimen is to use the thinnest to the thickest in consistency. Before you become overwhelmed and throw away half of the great products that you own, follow my guide to get on the right track with your daily beauty routine.

This is a very generalized list that works with pretty much any skin care line. Also, you do not have to use every single step in your own personal routine, these are just the basics. In some situations your esthetician may have you on multiple cleansers, serums, etc, and unless specified instructions are given for your individual use, then you can follow my guide.

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How Soon Is Too Soon?

anti aging skin care

It is never too early to start thinking about ways to prevent aging! Anti-aging products are not just for old ladies, in fact, they should be used as early as your twenties. You don’t want to wait until you HAVE wrinkles and brown spots to start this process.

Not all anti-aging products are created equal, and they aren’t only meant to fix wrinkles. The most important part of the preventing aging happens in your twenties and sometimes in your teens. The very first product that we use is sunscreen, and it is by far the most important if you want a smooth and even skin tone. Sunscreen should be used every day and at least contain a 30 SPF. Yes, it counts if it is in your makeup, but don’t forget about your hands, neck and chest. You also need to remember to wear it in the off season too, because the sun still shines in winter even though its ray aren’t quite as strong. Here are a few products you should start using ASAP!

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How is Men’s Skin Different from Women’s?

Gentlemen, this post is for you. 

Your skin is different than women’s in many different ways:

Do you shave daily? Do you also get ingrown hairs? Well its very possible because your facial hair has roots that are unbelievably deep. Its shocking that your skin can even house those things! There are many treatments for ingrown hairs, such as exfoliation with a scrub. Sometimes tweezing the hair out very carefully will alleviate the inflamed follicle. Just don’t go digging for it! If you do this make sure to disinfect the pore with a toner or watch hazel after. Here’s a great shaving product:

harry's razor

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